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    Patent US System and method for securely. - Google

    Statistiche conferimenti anno 2006 per compilazione Mud2007

    A metagenomic insight into freshwater methane-utilizing

    CIS energy and gradient - resman, M.Head-Gordon, J.A.Pople, isch em. 96, 135-149(1992) roll, W.D.Edwards Int. J.Quantum Chem. 63, (1997) the parallel CIS implementation in GAMESS is described in S.P.Webb c. 116, 355-372(2006) which has a nice review of other excited state methods. closed, unrestricted open shell 2nd order Moller-Plesset - J.A.Pople, nkley, eger Int. J. Quantum Chem. S10, 1-19(1976) isch, M.Head-Gordon, J.A.Pople, Chem.

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